Important Facts About Vorticella

Are you interested to know more about vorticella? Many times classroom instruction is not enough, leaving students with several unanswered questions. It is not practically possible for a teacher to pay attention to each and every student in a class. If you wish to learn more, consider hiring a private tutor who will answer all your queries. In this article, we will discuss regarding some of the interesting facts of vorticella:

For instance, it is quite interesting to note the behavioral pattern of this species. There are more than hundred diverse species of vorticella that are listed under kingdom protoctista and phyllum ciliophora. Each cell appears like a stalked ciliate, which is shaped as an inverted bell. There are also some other types of genera such as carchesium that look like vorticella. However they are quite different in shape and structure. Learning about the various facts of this organism will help you differentiate it from other similar types of genera.

The vorticella is a sessile organism, but the young ones can swim freely. The adults can also swim freely if the stalks are cut, or if they separate themselves from the substrate under the unfavorable conditions. It is amazing to note how the adult organisms attach themselves to the substrates with stalks.

One amazing fact is that its peduncle or stalk is capable of contracting; and the contractions are caused by the spasmoneme, which is the wavy filament present inside peduncle. The filament gets shortened when stimulated, and the stalk coils just like a spring.

The filament was earlier known as myoneme, before it was discovered that the chemical system administers the narrowing of spasmoneme. This is quite different from the system used by a true muscular fiber.

The spasmoneme actually consists of three cellular membranes, an outer sheath, and an extracellular matrix. The coiling of the stalk at the time of contractions is supposed to be a protection mechanism to defend vorticella from the various environmental hazards. The contractions also help the organism to capture food particles when it is hungry. When the food supplies are scarce, they need to find a new place. These organisms are often found in clusters, which create a tiny jelly-type mass that can be easily seen by the naked eye.

These were some important and interesting facts about vorticella. If you wish to learn more about it then consider hiring a private home biology tutor.

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Impact of Space Technology on Science & Scientists

Space Technology: This studies the exploration of space as that relates its surroundings, its environment, its form and retrieving living form availability or else if it can be used for living beings. Space technology helps scientists to know about the complete universe, its origin, age and its future.

Impact of Space Technology on Science & Scientists: Space technology has become one of the biggest study and challenge for the modern scientists. Space technology in association with other subject helps forecasting weather- its origin, time and magnitude, remote sensing, satellite television, moon mission, astrological predictions and also helps medical science in great deal. In short we can benefit the following things:

1. Movements & facts on Solar System and more about other stars

2. Forecasting Weather- Tsunami, cyclone can be forecasted.

3. Through Communication Satellites Telephone, TV transmission and sending messages can be fast.

4. To locate hidden things under earth i.e. locating natural resources, lower part of Oceans, Seas and its contents and day to day movements of earth.

5. Helps studying X-rays, ultra-Violet rays and disease cancer.

Modern scientists though have tested the success of space technology in the form of spacecraft, space mission i.e. moon mission, mars mission and many other things but the scientists are still on job for finding many unknown things about universe and like earth any other planet or stars have living being possibility or not.

Scientists are using various space technologies to know more about space and its use to the mankind through continuous research and experimentation. For this development they refer Newton's Law of motion, Einstein's theory of relativity and ancient philosopher's like Aristotle and Galileo.

Space Mission: Though space mission is very old but its success came on October 4th 1957 when 'Sputnik' an artificial satellite was sent to space by Russian scientists and in the same year on November they sent another satellite Sputnik 2 with a dog in it. On 12 April 1961 Col Yuri Gagarin a Russian astronaut became the first human being to go around the earth in space in a spacecraft called Vostok. On 16 June 1963 Col Velentina Tereshkova a Russian astronaut became the first woman to went around the earth in space. In between and after that many countries have sent their scientist and astronauts to the space and many things about the space have come out.

Future of Space Technology: There are a lot of things unknown about the universe till today which is to be explored and for this NASA is playing a crucial role in developing technology and collecting information about the universe. The way the spacecrafts are made and its technology being developed in high standard we will come to know much more things what are trying for years. This also will give one day an industry called space tourism.'s author B.K.Dash is dedicated to provide latest NEWS and information on Emerging Technology & also we are updating Latest Technology NEWS on our Technology BLOG to serve the World 24x7 Online....

Science and Technology

How someone could define what is Science and Technology?

Science is search for the profound knowledge. Scientists investigate the world around us. They observe how things work and develop ideas about ways to make them work better. Sometimes they try to test an idea to explain how something works. Scientists perform experiments to find out how things work. The knowledge that they discover is useful for many things. It can help to build new machines. It can help scientists to develop new medicines or cure a disease. Technology is the use of scientific knowledge to create new things.

Then what is an Inventor?

An inventor is a person who creates a new idea or device to perform a task. An invention is the new technology created. An inventor with a new idea or design for an invention may decide to have the idea protected. The idea gets protection from the law in a paper called a patent. A patent prevents other people from making, using, or selling the new idea without permission from the inventor. Some inventions are simply a better way of doing or building something. They may improve an existing technology. Other inventions are much more complicated.

Today's technology has been in the process of development for thousands of years. New inventions are constantly changing how people work and play. They change how people think and live. The future constantly brings us even more changes. This will happen as we continue to learn about the world.

Do we depend on science and technology?

What did you do today? Did you talk on the telephone? Did you ride in a car or on a bus? Did you use a computer or turn on a light? If you did any of these things, you used technology.

Almost everybody uses some form of technology at work, home, or school. Computer programmers use computer technology to write a computer program. People may write letters using a computer program called a word processor. Many people work in the entertainment industry. Camera operators use television and motion-picture cameras. They use them to make TV shows and movies. Disc jockeys, or DJs, play records and CDs on the radio.

Scientists use all sorts of technology to study the Earth and the Universe. Businesses often have telephones, fax machines, and computers. Graphic designers use desktop publishing programs to create books and magazines. Doctors frequently use medical technology. They use it to treat injuries, illnesses, and diseases such as cancer. Pilots fly airplanes and helicopters. Who knows what jobs will be created by new technologies in the future!

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Stuff They Don't Want You To Know

Almost 95% of all Americans have a cell phone and use it regularly. I use my cell phone only for texting and calling, but both activities can be recorded without me knowing it, either because I didn't read the fine print, or such fine print doesn't exist, and there's something in your phone doing stuff they don't want you to know about.

I believe the company is entitled Sirius IQ. In every single cell phone, there is a microchip that can record your conversations, both by text messages and calls. While this chip may not record all the content of every phone call, it can search for specific words. When you say the word it's looking for, it sends information to the government, and may continue recording the rest of your conversation.

For instance, it may search for 'bomb' or 'terrorist', in suspicion of random violent plots against someone or something. It will continue recording until the government can track down your motive and location for said plot.

We must also be aware that these chips can also track down the exact location of your cell phone, among the following:

   1. All contacts
   2. All memory left on your phone
   3. Whose fingerprints touch it (if yours is a touchscreen)
   4. All numbers dialed and whose are dialed most frequently, and
   5. All downloads, voice messages, and ringtones on your phone: just to name a few!

I never knew all this until I saw it on TV. The program I saw it on was later banned from all stations because of the content allowed on it, so I am not allowed to mention the name of the program any longer. But what the program did make me understand was that even in the smallest, unsuspecting devices, the government can be invading our privacy, and we don't even know it! Can you trust your cell phone? What we do know is that caution should be exercised at all times.

What about your Internet service? Deep inside your network modem, could there be another microchip of some kind, recording our Internet activity at all times? Find that out in Part 3 of this series.
Why should caution be exercised when using a cell phone?
What we say in a text cannot be deleted once sent.
We never know what the government is doing with us.
When planning a terrorism plot, it might be revealed.
Our personal information could accidentally be made available on the Internet.
Anything convenient isn't always to our advantage.
By Jacob Morales

Nike Training Club for Women

When women go to the gym, they usually want to try to slim down and tone up. This can be difficult though, when they enter the gym and look around at the huge array of options for weight training, cardio workouts, and fitness classes. It can be daunting to even know where to start, especially without the help of a personal trainer. Luckily, Nike has developed an app for that. The Nike Training Club is a workout program for women that allows you to keep a personal trainer in your pocket when you are at the gym.

About the App

The app is only for the iPhone and mostly for women, though there is no reason men cannot use it too. It has 85 workouts developed by various personal trainers and professional athletes. Each workout works your whole body, and lasts between 15 to 45 minutes. The workouts are categorized into four sections. The first is 'Get Lean', which consists of cardio drills that will help you drop fat. The second is 'Get Toned', which is made up of light weights to help build definition in your muscles. Next is 'Get Strong', which uses more weights and more reps to help make you stronger. The final category is 'Get Focused', where you will find 15-minute workouts that focus on specific muscle groups. Once you select a category, you must specify if you are beginning, intermediate, or advanced in your fitness. From there, you can select a specific workout. Once you do that, you will be taken to a screen that shows you the entire list of exercises you will be doing, and for how long. You can select each exercise and view a still-picture, captioned slideshow of an athlete performing the exercise, or you can watch a video of an athlete performing the exercise too. Once you decide you want to do that particular workout, you can select 'Set Music' to decide what playlist you want to listen to, and then you can select 'Do Workout' to get started. The trainer will then talk you through your exercises as you work out. It also tells you when you are done with a particular exercise and need to move on to another one. On the whole, the app has been divided into sections like yoga, indoor/outdoor training, dynamic sport, your sport, and training for runner. A bonus to use this app is that it is absolutely free.


The app tracks the total minutes you’ve spent working out, and you receive rewards for set intervals of workouts. These rewards can be recipes for healthy food, or bonus workouts to shake up your routine. Once you’ve earned a reward, you can access it from the home screen by selecting 'Rewards', and then selecting the badge that you want to view. This is a great way to entice you to work out more, because the rewards are definitely worthwhile.

Sharing Your Workouts

The Nike Training Club app also allows you to share your workouts with Facebook and Twitter. You can set the app up to automatically share when you begin a workout, and as your friends like the post, it cheers you on. After you complete a workout, you are able to select options and customize messages to share with your networks.

Safety First

Please remember to consult a doctor and a fitness professional before beginning any workout routine. These workouts are meant for you to be able to do them alone, but it’s always a good idea to have someone watch over you for proper form, and give you some suggestions the first few times you work out. Doing this can prevent injury. Also, some of these workouts are very intense. If you are new to working out or strength training, be sure to select from the beginner workouts. After working out consistently, you’ll be up to the advanced level in no time.
By Buzzle Staff and Agencies